JEE Main 2014 Percentile and normalization procedure for admission to NIT/IIIT/CFT

Percentile and percentage: The percentage of marks and percentile are totally different entities. Difference between the two is:


Percentile Score

Percentage is a number out of 100

Percentile Score of a candidate in a Board or JEE (Main) will reflect how many Candidates have scored below that candidate in his/her Board or JEE (Main) Examination.

Example: 40th Percentile is the value or score below which 40 Percent of the observations may be found.

Percentile Score calculation:  The Percentile of a Candidate will be calculated as:

100 X Number of candidates in the ‘group’ with aggregate marks less than the candidate

Total number of the candidates in the ’group’

  •  The normalized Qualifying examination marks will be based on the position of the candidate in the Board (i.e. his/her percentile score).
  •  The candidates, willing to appear in the improvement examination to improve the qualifying examination marks, will have to appear in all the five subjects for improvement.
  •  In the percentile system, the total marks (of all five subjects) obtained/shown on the mark-sheet of a particular year are required in JEE (Main) and also in JEE (Advanced). The marks from two different years (i.e. marks for 3 subjects from year 2012 and marks for other 2 subjects from 2013) mark-sheets cannot be considered for percentile calculation.
  • The weightage of normalized qualifying examination marks is only for deciding ranking of JEE (Main) which will be used for admission to all Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs)/ NITs/IIITs but excluding IITs.
  • The five subjects will be taken into account for calculation of percentile and normalization of qualifying examination marks for paper 1(B.E./B. Tech.) and paper 2 (B. Arch./B. Planning)of JEE(Main) which are:
  1. Language,
  2. Physics,
  3. Mathematics,
  4. Any one of (Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Technical Vocational Subject),
  5. Any other subject.

Note: If a candidate has appeared in six subjects in the qualifying examination, the subject (fifth or sixth) with better marks will be considered.

Below is the detailed procedure to calculate the normalized marks for admission to NITs/IIITs/CFTIs on the Basis of Class 12th Qualifying examination marks:

  •  Let A0 be the aggregate marks obtained by each student in JEE- Main.
  • Compute the percentile (P) of each student on the basis of aggregate marks in his/her own board (B0) computed from the list of five subjects specified.
  • Determine the JEE- Main aggregate marks corresponding to percentile (P) at the All- India level. Let this be B1.
  • Also, determine the JEE- Main aggregate marks corresponding to percentile (P) among the set of aggregate scores obtained in the JEE-Main by the students of that board. let  this be B2.
  • The normalized board score of the candidate was computed as:

Bfinal = 0.5 * (B1 + B2)

  • For the purpose of admission to CFTIs where it has been decided to use the JEE Mains performance and the Normalized Board performance in the 60:40 ratio, the composite score for drawing the merit list was computed as:

 C = 0.6 * AO + 0.4 * Bfinal

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  1. Sourav Roy

    Apr 07. 2014

    I can get around 150 in jee mains 2014 and 85% in WBCHSE board. I belong to the general category. can you kindly tell my expected rank and colleges i can opt for???

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  2. Sudipto

    Jun 06. 2014

    frnds I got 72 in jee mains and 92 % in ISC board….can u plzz suggest me some good colleges..

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  3. Viraj

    Jul 04. 2014

    I got 86 in jee Main & 70.46% in Maharashtra board HSC exam, & belongs to OBC Category. Can i take admission in V-NIT? & please give my all india rank in my OBC category & give home state rank also

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  4. manish vishvkarma

    Jul 09. 2014

    sir I got. 89 marks in jee mains & 63.20% ran board plz which my favour college

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  5. Muskan kaur

    Apr 19. 2015

    Sir I will get 60-70 marks in jee main and 90 percent + marks in 12th class. I belong ti OBC category.sir which govt. Collage give me addmission

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  6. shravani

    Apr 27. 2015

    I got 100 marksin jee mains and 96.5% in board exams . I am BCcan you tell my rank

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  7. Abhay

    May 05. 2015

    Sir i got 67 marks in jee main and i think i will get83% in hsc maharashtra board . You suggest best college for me in mumbai

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  8. sunil

    Jun 09. 2015

    sir i got 124 marks in jee main and rbse board percent 52.40% iam belong st can you plzz suggest me.

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